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Grazia Daddario

Artist Actress

A Life's Talent Dedicated to You

Every time I am on the stage I think about my Audience and Fans and, I ask myself "I hope they like my interpretation of this Character".

A huge thanks to Dinamo Film for allowing me to do what I love best to please You. For many years, I worked hard to make my dream come through. I always believed that my talent and passion would give me the Strength to perform just good enough to be liked by You.

In this website, I showcase some of my experiences both in Theaters and Movies. I made my first steps in local Theaters in the City of Bari, Italy. Some of them using my skills in Dialect or Slang. However, on the side I was writing down my thoughts, my feelings. I loved my mother immensely; my first thoughts were for her. Writing about my mother made me discover that I have...

A Passion ... for Poetry

Using as many expressions as I liked, and putting anything, I wanted on paper, made me feel amazingly happy. Poetry makes you describe just about anything, the sky's the limit!

Sometimes, I have the chance to read them in front of You, my dear followers. Cultural Associations, mainly in my hometown are striving to support themselves, just so that You can have some piece of Love expressed with a Poem. My Intent is to help these Cultural Associations to finally find the support both from You and from those entities that are supposed to make these Cultural Association thrive not only in popularity but, also financially.